Naturist Odyssey: PROVENCE!

The Meandering Naturist

So, it was a year ago to the day that we set off on our “naturist odyssey” across Europe; a three month expedition that would begin on the small island of Ile du Levant, circle around to the south of Barcelona for a stay at El Templo del Sol, and following an extended stay at our naturist home base, La Jenny (from whence I am writing this post – now a year later), straight across Europe with two stops in Provence before making our way to the Adriatic coast where we would finally end up in Greece.

La Sabliere La Sabliere

At least to my sensibilities, Provence is what people think of when they think of the South of France, along with the nearby Cote d’Azur and the legendary St. Tropez peninsula, which seems to have a reputation in the imagination of most Americans as the land of a…

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