Going Bar[e]celona




Barcelona has always been one of our favorite nudist places in Spain. Although walking naked on Las Ramblas is now out of the question, there is the rather large nudist beach in town, Mar Bella, north of the Port, but still within the limits of the city centre.

Barcelona Beach

Barcelona Beach

This is not a “hidden” far away beach – it is all along the coastal road with many people walking by. Half of it is not visible as it is just behind sand dunes. This is the “gayest” and all nude part. The visible part is more mixed in terms of gender and nudity/textile, but still overwhelming naked.

Barcelona 3

Barcelona 3


Nice, long and wide white sand beach and easy swimming (no stones or rocks).


Barcelona 4

Barcelona 4

Easiest and most direct access is by No. 41 from the City Center and alight at Parc esportiu de la Mar Bella.

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