Walking Bare


It can hardly get any more naturista and bigger than Vera Playa, in the South-Eastern corner of the Iberian Peninsula.

Although Spain, together with Croatia, is famous for having a nudist beach in just about every beach locality, Vera Playa is the number one naturist village.

The whole village, consisting of about 3000 accommodations (one hotel, plenty of apartments and villas), is naturist and nudity is the most common and appropriate life-style. Textile is frowned upon.

Wake up in the morning and stroll to the bakery for some fresh bread or croissants, stop by in a super market, all naked. There is a 3 km long white sand nudist beach all in front of this tourist village, with a gay section at the southern end.

Several “chiringuitos” – beach restaurants and small bars cater to a naked clientele.


Driving around the village ? Get into your car naked. Police stops you ? No problem, they may just wish to check your paperwork. A local long distance public bus with fully clothed passengers also passes through the village and has several stops.

Walk around naked all day, go into souvenir shops or real estate agencies and never bother to get dressed. One ridiculous fact: the only five star naturist hotel does NOT allow nudity during dinner at night in their restaurant ! One had to be fully dressed, a string or bikini won’t do it. All other beach restaurants are OK with naked diners. The restaurants in front of the hotel also ask you to wear something.

The nearby tourist settlement offers “sight-seeing” tours to Vera Playa naturista. It is a voyeuristic tour, looking for nudists and taking their pictures, while covering the eyes of their children, which we did not mind if that makes them happy !


By all, probably the biggest all naturist settlement in Spain and the rest of the world !

To get there: nearest airports are Murcia and Almeria from where it is about 70 km (north of Almeria, South of Murcia). Better rent a car or take a taxi (100 € one way), as public transport is a big challenge as it may take you forever to get there.

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