UNSEENBALI has recently opened its latest addition to naturist places in Bali and this time a very special and exclusive one, namely a mountain retreat in Central Bali, in the regency of Kintamani.

It consists of two large old teak wood buildings originating from Sumatra, dismantled there and re-assembled and renovated in Bali. It’s located at an altitude of 1,200 meter, which makes it 10 degrees Celsius cooler than the coastal temperature. It’s like summer in the Alps.


360 degrees

Based in a former coffee plantation, on the edge of the Tukad Bangkung Valley, facing Gunung (Mountain) Bon (height ). The views are truly magnificent.

The main house has a balcony and the lobby. The lobby is decorated with arts and crafts from Bali, Java, Sumatra, Malaysia and Myanmar and has a large screen TV. The second and smaller house has two double bedrooms and a shared bathroom and is also beautifully decorated with arts and crafts from the above mentioned countries.


breakfast on the valey

An open air dining area is next to the kitchen and in front is a large wooden sun tanning deck with a small swimming pool and fishpond. A large gazebo and a Balinese temple complete this retreat. There is also a very large rain water reservoir in the coffee plantation which also functions as a fishpond.

This being part of Bali au Naturel, the whole retreat is 100% clothing-optional and excellent for fast sun tanning at high altitude, without the coastal heat. Sun deck and swimming pool is compulsory nudist.



The surrounding area is traditional agriculture (rice paddies, coffee, vegetables, fruits and flowers), and mostly plants and trees that do not grow at lower altitude. An ideal place for trekking, hiking and bicycling. At a short distance you will find the tallest and longest inland bridge in Bali, stretching over the Tukad Bangkung Valley, a popular local tourist spot. Nearby is a beautiful hotel for agro-tourism, and the famous Pura (Temple) Puncak Mangu, one of the essential temples of Bali, build in the 10th century and now a national monument. Another spot of interest is Bali’s largest and oldest coffee processing plant that can be visited from May till September only.


Nungnung Waterfall

The highlight is the “Nungnung Air Terjun” waterfalls, located in a narrow valley. One has to go down the hill on a very steep staircase of 350 steps before reaching the truly amazing falls.


360 degrees Nungnung Waterfall

Unseenbali offers day excursions to the mountain retreat with visits of the above, followed by lunch and a relaxing afternoon by the pool. This day excursion is available only to guests staying in Bali au Naturel, some 30 km away. Occasionally overnight stays are possible, with full board. With the exception of the waterfalls, it is unlikely you will meet other tourists.

This tour is a nice alternative to the more traditional tours that are on offer in Northern and Eastern Bali (see


Day trip : 500,000 IDR (whole car) + 150,000 pp (including entrance fees and lunch)

Overnight: room, dinner and breakfast : 500,000 (per room, 1 or 2 pax) + 200,000 pp (meals)

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